Peter McCarthy Electric Co., Inc. - Specializing in Older Buildings in Chicago
Adventures in Old House Wiring....

Then and now.....

I really like doing electrical work in Hyde Park. It gives me a great opportunity to become part of my community in a way I never could earlier in my electrical career.Living and working in the same neighborhood lets me meet more of my neighbors than if I worked downtown, changing bulbs in recessed lights or track lighting in someone's office. 

Before opening Peter McCarthy Electric Co, Inc. that is just what I did. I worked for a very large electrical contractor, building and mostly remodeling tenant spaces in the fancy skyscrapers. It was fun in its own way, catching the train downtown every morning and hanging out with the crew after work. Everything electrical you might encounter in an office space- switches, outlets, light fixtures, (both 120V and 277V), computer lines and low voltage lighting. You name it, If it was in an office, if it could be shown on a lighting or power plan, we put it in. They were fun days. But I I like what I do now better, I think.

However, being in business and trying to operate profitably poses many more challenges than simply following the foreman's orders. When I worked for the contractors, of course I did my best. And for the most part, I worked very hard. But I got my check whether the electrical contractor made a profit or not. It's not like that any more. Now, it is much tougher. I have to price my jobs competitively, estimate them accurately, design the work and insure everything is in the right place at exactly the right time. All the tools. All the materials. The workers. The client. Everything. It is much, much tougher. Unless you have run a business yourself, I don't think you can appreciate how challenging it is. But it is rewarding as well, and it makes me feel good to be of service to my clients, to make people's homes safer or brighter or cooler. Its worth the stress. Definately.
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