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So THAT is what the inside of a meter socket looks like!

Meter socket installed in Hyde Park, Chicago, Il by Peter McCarthy Electric Co., Inc.This is a new meter socket we installed last winter in Hyde Park. Many of these townhouse developments around the neighborhood from the 1960s have reached the point where the meter sockets and conduits bringing power into the home have rusted away to practically nothing left. But if its metal and its out in 50 years of Chicago weather, that's no surprise when you think about it. 

If you live in one of the late 1950s or early 1960s townhouse developments in the neighborhood, take a glance at your electric meter sometime. Its good to stay ahead of the curve, before water seeps in completely and creates a big short circuit.  You will lose power in the house, even though your circuit breakers will not be tripped. Your 100 Amp Service panel inside won't look any different. You will just be without power. Oh, might hear a big or medium sized boom, if you are home. 

It will be time to call Peter McCarthy Electric Co., Inc., your Hyde Park and South Side favorite electrician! Well, after you call Edison.  Be safe out there!

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