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Emergency Service in Hyde Park

As those of you who live in Chicago know, we got some very fierce storms last month. Tress were felled and power was out all over Chicago. Parked cars were crushed and many streets were impassible.

One poor fellow in Hyde Park had a huge tree fall in his yard. It may have been several trees; the yard was nearly impossible to walk through. In the process of falling, the massive tree pulled down the Com Ed overhead feeder wire that run overhead in the back yard, and that, in turn, yanked the service cable completely off the wall of the house. His 100 Amp Service cable was lying in the yard, buried in branches. Com Ed came out and shut it down, and he had no power to the house. At that point, he called us.

We specialize in being prompt and available to retrofit older buildings in Hyde Park, and this one really needed it. The aluminum service cable provided no metallic bonding connection between the service entrance and the circuit breaker panel. There was no supplemental grounding electrode and the main service ground was compromised as well.  We were able to replace the damaged equipment with a new 1 1/4 conduit riser, all new copper cable, and complete grounding connections as required by the code within 48 hours of his call on a Sunday afternoon.  By Tuesday afternoon we had the system rebuilt.
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