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Its easy to keep cool when you're in the free air!

Hyde Park Electrician Chicago
A set of main service power cables from an apartment building in Hyde Park. To the left of the black "blobs" are the heavy cables that emerge from the service head and connect to the overhead wires from Com Ed. On the right side of the "blobs" (which contain the splicing connectors, all wrapped up in electrical friction tape)are the service wires that Com Ed provides. The Com Ed wires attach to the building by way of a bracket, but they actually splice with the main service wires that go through the service head and down the pipe into the building. Note the very substantial size difference between the left side and the right side. Even though they will both carry the exact same amount of current, the Com Ed wires are allowed to be much, much smaller than the building wires are. I always find that kind of amazing. The Com Ed wires are in the free air, so they are subject to much lower ambient temperatures. They have natural cooling by the breeze, where our wires are in pipe with little air flow to cool the. I realize that accounts for a real difference, but in cases like this it still amazes me as to what a big difference it is. (I admit it. I'm and electrical geek.)
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