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Another YELP Review

We were able to help out a Hyde Park neighbor a few weeks back when her tenants were not able to operate the 220 washer?dryer without tripping the breaker. Since Faith had moved up to Lakeview and was renting her Hyde Park condo out, handling this issue from a distance via telephone and email was vital. As it turned out, the existing very small circuit breaker panel was already full, and the "electricians" who wired her 220 washer/dryer just decided to double up their wires over existing breakers that already were loaded to capacity. They call it double-tapping. Very illegal. We were able to install a new sub-panel, giving her additional capacity and allow the washer/dryer to be on its own dedicated 220 circuit breaker, as it should have been originally.  The things people do...

Here is the review she posted on YELP this morning. THANKS FAITH!

Peter was recommended to me by our condo management company and I was very pleased with his work.  I spoke with Peter on the phone before meeting him in person and was struck by the detailed explanations he gave to describe the issues we were having with our washer/dryer unit.  Some professionals are very condescending and gruff, but Peter was the very opposite.  You could tell that he was skilled and knowledgeable, but still a kind and good person.  The issues we had turned out to be more complicated than expected because the previous owner of the condo had taken some shortcuts in the wiring of the washer/dryer, but Peter and his crew had the job done within the timeframe promised, and without any hassle.  We were VERY pleased with the work.
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