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1200 Amp Service on Blackstone

1200 Amp electrical service Chicago1200 Amp electrical service ChicagoThe 1200 Amp, 120/240V new service on Blackstone is proceeding along smoothly. We had a nice holiday break, and resumed work on January 7. We finished piping the four parallel 3" service conduits and then Installed the large square service head. Chicago Code requires this type of head for any service over 800 Amps.  Wrestling 12 350MCM copper cables at once through the service head dead front is no easy task, considering each cable is about the thickness of a half-dollar, about as flexible as one two, and definitely heavier. We were blessed with a warm dry day to pull all these cables, and my arms and shoulders let me know I was not 25 anymore when we were done. The men, as usual were great. I am blessed.

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