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EM lighting for Condo and Apartment Buildings

According to the Chicago Electrical Code, in buildings that have 5 or more dwelling units, emergency lighting is required in most stairwells and means of public egress. It is also required in common rooms such as laundry and mechanical rooms. The exact specifications of which exact locations it is required and in what form (There are Class I, II, and III systems specified by the code, depending on the type of building, occupancy class and usage, ect.) It gets very technical and precise. All of the information can be found in Article 700, Title 18, Chapter 27 Emergency lighting is an overall very good idea. The fixture at the top is one we installed in a stairwell by fishing the wiring into the existing plaster walls. It costs more than surface mounted wiremold or bare conduit, both of which can be seen here. But it looks much nicer. These other two installations had been done by other electricains at some point in the past.
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