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Adventures in Old House Wiring....

Wire lasts years, not generations!

Old wiring Hyde Park Chicago SouthOld wiring Hyde Park Chicago SouthOld wiring Hyde Park Chicago SouthOK. I get it.

As a small businessman, I wear many hats. Electrician, supervisor, account executive, marketing manager, outreach co-coordinator, chief engineer. And Blog/online/IT guy. Of this post, I was never trained. I I grew up to late to have computer pics be intuitive to me in any way shape or form. Hence, these 4 pictures that were vertical on my desktop appear horizontal on my web page. Already out of time, cant spend 45 minutes figuring out how to rotate them. Bear with me. 


We are rewiring the public stairwells in a twelve unit building here in Hyde Park. It is a 1910s or 20s building, with the lovely period detail and elegant architecture. In this case, however, it also has the original cloth covered wire that has aged so far beyond its natural safe life span that it was was I consider a "Clear and present danger." The top two pictures are one ceiling chandelier and one wall sconce. These fixtures are original to the building and as it looks to me have never been changed, modernized or examined for safety. Behind the wall sconces and above the ceiling fixture canopies the wire had just crumbled away to being bare. Years, decades even, of overheating, drying out, general wear and the inherent limitation of the materials in vogue in the "Bees knees and 23-skidoo days" are abundantly clear. This was, no doubt, a fire waiting to happen. 

If you have old fixtures that look like this in your building, you would be well advised to have a real electrician check things for you. You may be very, very glad later!
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