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Beautiful New Track lighting in Hyde Park

Hyde Park electrician ChicagoHyde Park electrician ChicagoHyde Park electrician ChicagoHyde Park electrician ChicagoWe recently installed this beautiful track lighting system in a vintage East Hyde Park apartment. I am very pleased with how it came out.

Previously, there was only one small fixture in the center of a 26' long hallway. Can you say dim?

I really love the brushed steel finished heads with 50 watt halogen lamps that the client decided on. The halogens cast a white light that is excellent for bringing out the detail in artwork of photos. Since the miniature heads can be rotated 180 degrees and tilted to almost any angle, they are very versatile.

There was only one switch in the middle of the hall as well. We eliminated that and installed 3-way switching so you could actually turn on the lights before you walked the length of the hallway, and then turn them off when you reached the end of it. Brilliant concept, isn't it?

Preset dimmers that allow the lights to be brought down to the desired level of illumination and then hold that setting in memory finished the job.

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