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Loose outlets Stink!

Vintage wiring Hyde Park Electrician chicagoVintage wiring Hyde Park Electrician chicagoVintage wiring Hyde Park Electrician chicagoIt has been sooo busy this summer, I have hardly had a moment to write. But I really appreciate all the comments I have gotten from everybody, and I'm so glad this blog has been able to shed a little light on everything old and electrical for you. SOMEDAY I will get a real, bona-fide IT pro to show me how to reply to you on here!

I did a service call yesterday in a GORGEOUS Hyde Park Condo on Woodlawn. The plaster moldings and mahogany woodwork were simply to DIE FOR, Dah-ling....Real old school craftsmanship. Beautiful.

The fixture that had been in place was a halogen that was throwing off way too much heat, as you can see by the burn mark on the plaster. It had burnt through on the wires feeding it. Fortunately, this place had been rewired so I was able to strip back and re-splice the conductors. Also fortunately, the fixture was deep enough that I was able to retrofit with a bracket and a reduction fitting off the original black iron threaded base, so we could hang the new one w/o too much hassle.

As I was leaving I noticed the outlet in the mahogany column very loose with a bent trim plate. I asked her if she was aware of that, and she said yes, but they did not know what to do about it. I had already written the bill, so this was a free-bie. I was on a mission. Just can't leave something like that alone once I see it. So since I knew how to fix it, I did.
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