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Adventures in Old House Wiring....

An old, dangerous and hodge-podge array of electrical equipment

Hyde Park Chicago Electrician Old wiringHere is an array of very old, dangerous and Hodge-lodge electrical work in a multi-unit building in Hyde Park.There is vintage 1920s original electrical work, with several subsequent generations of add-ons.  It needs to be replaced, for sure. It took me about an hour to unravel the whole thing, what is there and where it goes, what is missing, ect.

Hyde Park Chicago Electrician Old wiringHyde Park Chicago Electrician Old wiringI will be submitting the proposal today. We will see if I get the job. If we re-do it, the "after pictures will be posted in the future.


Well, here we are in "the future."  Quite an improvement, don't you think?
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