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New Service in Lakeview

400 Amp Service  Chicago Service upgrade Older Buildings400 Amp Service  Chicago Service upgrade Older BuildingsWe are in the second week of replacing and undersized service in Lakeview, or more specifically, Wrigleyville. (Hey Ernie, Let's play two today!)

This six flat had an undersized 200-Amp service and small 6-circuit panels. (Top picture) Moreover, they were 50 years old. An upgrade was definitely overdue! We are doubling the amount of current available to the building, from 200 to 400 Amps. At the same time, we are getting rid of the outdated little panels and installing brand new GE 20 circuit panels. (Bottom picture)  This will both give the owners plenty of breaker spaces for updating their wiring and replace the fatigued (and probably very compromised in response capability) mechanisms in the 50 year old existing breakers, thus insuring that when an overload or short does occur, the breaker will actually trip. You would be surprised how many don't once they are over 50 years old. The grounding equipment will be brought into the 21st century as well. The main service grounding conductor will be piped, pulled and terminated at the street side of the water meter, not at a very highly corroded (High resistance) plumber's water line, as it presently is. The supplemental ground, comprised of a grounding electrode of 8' copper driven ground rod will be installed to bond the service equipment and neutral feeder to ground by way of  a second, redundant path. 

Except for the cold, the job is proceeding along well. More pictures to follow soon.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Thank you so much for reading and for all the comments. I still have not figured out how to reply directly on here to your comments individually (again, a combination of being too old for anything IT-related to be intuitive and being too busy running the business to trace down the expert to help me figure it out!) But in the meantime, please rest assured I do read every comment, and am happy to have them. Feel free to ask questions if you wish and I'll do my best to answer in future entries.
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