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Back porch lighting needs to be WEATHERPROOF!!!

Hyde Park Electrician ChicagoHyde Park Electrician ChicagoHyde Park Electrician ChicagoHyde Park Electrician ChicagoRecently we were hired to update the back porch lighting at a condo building in Hyde Park. In this case it was very necessary, because the old piping was bent and beat up when they rebuilt the porch. As often is the case, the porch company let the existing old pipes hang in free air when the demoed the old porch, and then reattached them to the new porch. All the conduits that had been custom bent to fit no longer fit, and it looked very Hodge-podge. Moreover, the junction boxes and the fixtures themselves were not waterproof, creating a substantial shock hazard. But we replaced the piping and installed new weatherproof fixtures, junction boxes, and pipe fittings.  We also updated the exterior outlet for the de-icing cable with the proper type of in-use cover as code requires.  Now they are in good shape.
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