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About Us

Electricity is a science.

Electrical work is a trade.


Customer service is an art.


Punctuality, manners and honesty never go out of style.

At Peter McCarthy Electric Co., Inc., these are the watchwords we strive to remember each and every day. Over the past fifteen years, we have built our customer base by following these principles day in and day out. They work.

As a result, over 90% of our lighting and rewiring business is from repeat customers and referrals. Many of our clients are in the second or third home we have served.

In terms of background, I came from a family of electricians.
I entered the trade as a helper in 1978 and became a journeyman in 1986. In that time, I worked on many renovations as well as new construction, installing power and lighting equipment. I took some time off to attend the University of Chicago and later earned a masters at UIC. I have been in Hyde Park since 1982. I became a licensed Supervising Electrician. In 1996 I opened my own firm, specializing in older buildings. we strive to be your favorite Hyde Park Electrician!

Much of the local housing stock dates back to the 1920s, if not much earlier. By necessity, extensive research and much trial and error, I have evolved my specialty in older buildings. The history of electrical wiring is a topic of endless fascination to me, as is the evolution of construction materials and methods over time. My love of Architecture, local history and community development find expression as I look at a building that may have been built in the days when food was cooled with ice, and admiring how it was put together for the needs of its time, and then designing, adapting and installing an electrical system that serves the ipod, baby monitor and flat screen TV generation of today.I strive to integrate the beauty and aesthetic of the past with the innovations and demands of the present, and in so doing help to creating the cozy, relaxing space that a vintage home should be.

I understand not all homes are not vintage,and that clients need safe, affordable electrical service that is rendered in a professional manner and on a timely, reliable basis no matter what their building type. We provide a variety of services and our costs are competitive.

Electrical Safety. Service Upgrades. New Circuit Breakers.

Eliminating Cloth-covered wire. And so much more! Contact your favorite Hyde Park Electrician Today!

Office: 773/947-9145

Mobile: 773/842-3649



5307 S. Cornell Ave.

Chicago, IL 60615


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Sat: By appointment

Sun: Family Day

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